In 2011 the magazine ARDIS will be celebrating its fifteenth anniversary. The abbreviation ARDIS deciphered as Architecture, Restoration, Design and Construction, reflects the gist of the magazine. Maintaining the traditions of the previously well-known magazines on architecture in the Northern Capital, ARDIS is striving for the comprehensive and professional coverage of such issues as town-planning, volumetric, layout and interior solutions in modern construction, practical implementation of authors plans, as well as preservation and restoration of historical and cultural monuments. In the corresponding vein we elaborate the topics on investments and organization of construction process, application of technologies and materials, both modern and classical.

As a rule, articles in the full-colour magazine ARDIS, issued quarterly, are sectioned in accordance with the following topics:
- Town planning
- Architectural design
- Preservation of cultural and historical heritage
- Business and investment processes in construction
- Construction technologies, materials and equipment
- Urban environment aesthetics
- Comfort. Design. Interior
- Exhibitions. Presentations. Contacts
The edition is mainly aimed at the readers professionally involved in the development of the construction sector and employed in various sectors there:
- Top-managers of construction and industrial companies, research and design organizations;
- Practicing architects, engineer-constructors, restorers and designers;
- Researchers of theory and history of architecture, town-planning, restoration, as well as professors and students of the core universities and faculties;
- Representatives of the federal and local authorities, investment and banking organizations of St. Petersburg, Moscow, and other subjects of the Russian Federation;
- The participants of the festival Architecture, competition Architecton, main international and major regional exhibitions (Interstroyexpo, A.CITY, Baltic Construction Week, Architecture. Town Planning. Restoration, MosBuild etc.), conferences and seminars;
- Specialists in development of construction technologies, production and supply of construction materials, instruments and equipment.

As per the data of the market researches of the specialized mass media, ARDIS regularly receives high ratings among the professionals in construction design, restoration, investments and construction business. Our active partners are hundreds of Russian and foreign companies. The publication in ARDIS is not perceived as a mere advertisement. We collaborate with authors from companies and readers; therefore, we are interested in a highly professional and versatile coverage of the topics most interesting to you. We help to initiate fruitful business contacts, implement the most original and large-scale solutions in St. Petersburg and national construction market.

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