(basic information)

33 Baskov pereulok, office 37,
191014 St.-Petersburg, Russia
Tel/fax: 7-(812) 579-8301;
7-(812) 579-8302

Audience of readers:

1. Representatives federal and local authorities of Moscow ,St.-Petersburg and regions of Russia
2. Top manager of project,s ,construction,s and industrial,s businesses,investor,s and bank,s structures.
3. Participants of exhibitions (Interstroyexpo, MosBuild, VolgoBuild and other),conferences and seminars.
4. Architects,engineers,designers,scientists and practices.
5. Experts of production and delivery of goods of building materials,instruments and equipment.

Topics of publication:

1. Townplaning and architecture.
2. Keeping of architectural and historical monumens.
3. New building techologies,materials and the engineer equipment.
4. The face of the firm and the portrait of the master.
5. Design in the city,s environment.

Fundamental purposes and tasks of publication:

1. Objective elucidation of the modern condition of architecture and building ,show of achievement in the world and in our country.
2. Publication of materials about finance and controlling investor,s projects, social foundations of development living and industrial environment, effective methods of work and new tecnologies.
3. Questions of theory and practice of architectural projecting ,reconstruction and restitution objects historical and cultural legacy.
4. Information help in business contacts on marketing production and service.
5. Forming positive image of our partners and their working.


According inspecting of market SMI Journal Design and construction
has high popularity among professions.
Many firms and organisations contact with our Journal .
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